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Portfolio manager Jeff Unterreiner was instrumental in developing the OPTI-flex® Money Management strategies in the early 90's. This strategy continues to get the big picture right, in an effort to provide investment returns in excess of the buy-and-hold approach.

OPTI-flex® Money Management Strategies invest in open-end mutual funds, thus giving flexibility to invest in both global and domestic equity funds, core value and growth funds, high-yield and high-quality bond funds, depending on the portfolio manager's research and time-tested market experience. This opportunistic investment style reflects Mr. Unterreiner’s conviction that sticking to a stylebox is no longer the best way to meet an investor's investment goals.

The OPTI-flex® strategies has the flexibility to invest in funds that short a portion of their underlying holdings, adding further diversification to the OPTI-flex® portfolio and offering an investment that truly blends the traditional and modern investment processes.

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